Ezhikkara: Of lagoons, paddy fields and greenery

Ezhikkara is where my Tharavad (ancestral home) is. As kids, this is where we got together and spent most of our school vacations. A small village with lagoons and lush greenery, this place has still managed to maintain its old world charm. I was there a couple of days ago with my son and niece, …

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Li’l John

One Sunday afternoon. He sees his mother recording a script for a game that my company had developed. He hovers around her as she is working. After she’s done, he says: “I want to record my voice too”. “What will you record?”, she asked. “I will record those ‘Li’l John’ stories that you used to …

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That trip to Murudeshwar

It was noon by the time we (wifey, sonny and I) pulled into the parking lot of Naveen Beach resort in Murudeshwar. The 150 km drive from Mangalore had taken us along the coast, offering breathtaking views of clean, white sand beaches (like Marvanthe) and backwaters. The ride, though bumpy in patches due to the …

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Places to visit in Pondicherry in 2 days

Places to visit in Pondicherry in 2 days: This is an account of my 2-day trip to Pondicherry. The small, charming little town of Pondicherry, located on the coromandel coast of Bay of Bengal, is known for its lovely food and amazing beaches. It was the last French colony in india, and became part of …

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Life’s a beach!

I meant that in the positive sense of the phrase – past couple of weeks have been interesting and fun. It has been travel, travel, and more travel for me – mostly to the same place: Hubli. Driving down instead of taking an overnight bus makes the shutterbug in me happy, for I can stop …

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As the days go by …

Phew! Can’t believe it is mid of August already! It has been such a happening month for me, and I hope it has been a fulfilling month for you as well? To start with, we celebrated our son’s birthday on August 14. We extended that day till beyond midnight so that the celebrations could last …

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Fate, travels and festivities

It is late Thursday night as I write this. That movie I wanted to watch – The Great Gatsby – is playing on TV. I will probably miss a good portion of it while I write this but hey, that’s what re-runs are for. The window of my living room gives me a splendid, 7th …

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My TV woes

[An episode from 3 months back.]

Finally after serving us for close to 10 years, our TV died on us last week.

This one was from the generation that did not require a prefix to identify it – it was just a TV. The regular old, bulky CRT TV.

I didn’t realize I had feelings for it until it died on me – I am surprised at the grief I am feeling. For a TV.

My TV was good. I have never had to take it for repairs.

Of course, it has misbehaved at times. But 2 things have helped us (my TV and me) overcome those troubled times: 1) my being a fully qualified Electronics engineer, and 2) my being handed down the single most important equipment fixing technique from my father.

The former aspect has equipped me with the skills to tell a diode from a transistor (I had successfully demonstrated this to my visiting lab examiner in my eighth semester Viva voce too), and the wisdom that a TV has many more components than just these 2 items. So I have never tried to mess with the internals.

The second, more important aspect, is the one that has fixed the niggles really. And I am going to pass this on to you now. So take a pen and note this down if you need to.

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The dawn will come. That, and some flowers.

“Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don’t give up.”
Anne Lamott

I’ve started loving quotes for the power they possess to inspire and motivate us. I have gone through some tough, testing times and these little magical lines have helped me tide over them. I will keep adding some of them here, with the hope that they help you overcome your challenging times.

While on the topic of hope and light, let me show you some more pictures that can bring you joy.

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Shhhh….The party begins in 10!

“‘We’ll be Friends Forever, won’t we, Pooh?’ asked Piglet.
Even longer’, Pooh answered.
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

“shhhh…be quiet, they won’t start the party if they know you are here”, whispered my 10 year old.

Staring into the semi-darkness; illuminated only by the faint glow of a 100 stars, I lay next to him, careful not to twitch a muscle. After all, I was here to watch the most amazing party that I’d only heard a lot about. I didn’t want to risk anything that could jeopardize my chances of being part of this one of a kind, magical event.

10 minutes of total stillness went by.


Well, the best things in life are worth the wait, or so I’ve heard.

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My new Nikon 35 mm lens

“Ding-dong! ding-dong!”

Our loud door bell startled me out of my lazy semi-reading-semi-watching-TV-semi-dozing Saturday afternoon.
“Must be the maid”, I thought to myself as I rose up rather reluctantly from my comfortable couch, strewing items I had stacked up around me on to the floor.

I hate getting up once I am well settled in the couch on Saturday afternoons, and so I make sure I load up the couch with everything I would need for the next few hours of blissful inactivity. This particular afternoon, I had remote controls (we have 3 of them just to operate the TV – one for the TV itself, one for the cable set-top box, and one for…coming to think of it…I don’t know what for, but I just get all of ’em just in case), a new novel I was reading (which, by the way, could put one off to sleep faster than any sleeping pill in the market, I found out), a pack of Marie biscuits (with 10 essential vitamins. Healthy. Unlike those fatty butter cookies which are yummm…err…I mean, unhealthy) and all 16 pages of that day’s newspaper.

I walked to the door leaving a trail of biscuit crumbs, newspaper pages and remote control batteries, all the while thinking who it could be at the door.

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Can’t innovate anymore, my ass!

Apple Cartoon

Apple’s WWDC has is an event that the world enjoys watching. It is a legendary platform where new products are announced, stats are thrown up, and apps are showcased. These very well orchestrated events must require a lot of prep work. Well, I was imagining how they do it, and this cartoon depicts my imagination. …

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