Ezhikkara: Of lagoons, paddy fields and greenery

Ezhikkara is where my Tharavad (ancestral home) is. As kids, this is where we got together and spent most of our school vacations. A small village with lagoons and lush greenery, this place has still managed to maintain its old world charm.
I was there a couple of days ago with my son and niece, and managed to click a few pictures as we walked through narrow embankments surrounding the paddy fields. How come it took me these many years to really appreciate the beauty of this place?

Clear blue sky, puffy white clouds, calm waters: Could there be a more perfect day than this?
Walking over a ‘mini dam’ – a bund that’s used to regulate the flow of water
It’s all green out here!
Take your sights off the narrow pathway, and you could end up in water. Careful!
Ever seen heaven? No? Well, here it is.
The Chinese fishing nets – Did you know they were introduced here by the Portuguese, and not the Chinese?
Walk in to fish!
Returning to reality. Time well spent!
Returning to reality. Time well spent!


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