Li’l John

One Sunday afternoon. He sees his mother recording a script for a game that my company had developed. He hovers around her as she is working. After she’s done, he says: “I want to record my voice too”. “What will you record?”, she asked. “I will record those ‘Li’l John’ stories that you used to tell me when I was growing up”. L’il John stories – the ones she used to make up every night when he was 5 or 6, usually adding in incidents from earlier that day involving him, to give him a message. He had grown fond of Li’l John, and related to him well. She smiled to herself. “Do you still remember them?”. “Of course! I remember them line by line”. “Alright then. Write one of those up, and I’ll help you record it”, she said. An hour later, I was called in to listen to the story he’d recorded. Sounded fine. No, sounded swell for a first attempt. “Mister, Can I put this on my blog?”, I asked him. “OK”, he said as he walked out of the room. “Do you think it is good?”, he turned around and asked me. A question I usually ask him – to be reassured, after I’d done some work – like after finishing a blog, or showing him a game we’d created, or a product we’d done. “I think so”, I said. He says he will record all of Li’l John stories. I’m not so sure – let’s wait and watch. Meanwhile, take a listen:

***** Update*****

So he did record a second and a third story. Here are the links to all 3 stories:


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