How to become a voice-over artist in India

voice over

‘How to become a voice-over artist in India’ is the first of a series of comprehensive articles I plan to publish around various side hustles anyone aspiring to develop themselves skills-wise and money-wise could pursue. (This is a continuation of my previous post on side hustles; please read that here: These guides will be …

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Best side hustle ideas for Indians to earn money online 2024

How to make money from home online

While you may not make quick money, the internet can be a great wealth-building tool in the long run. I have listed twenty-five of the best side hustle ideas for Indians to make money online in 2024 in this post. I have categorized online money-making ideas by passion (or skill) so that you can jump …

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18 Side hustle ideas for students in India (Updated for 2024)

Side hustles india

In this post, I will cover some of the most exciting side hustle ideas for students in India, many of which are gaining popularity in 2023. Side hustles, or side gigs, have become very popular in India. I covered some of the most popular side hustles for Indians (organized by passion/interest) in one of my …

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How to create a poster (without needing to be a graphics expert)

Knowing how to create a poster is a must-have skill today. Posters, banners, and flyers are essential tools to grab attention, convey our thoughts in an easy-to-understand, visually appealing manner, and brand ourselves better. Though ‘How to create a poster’ is the title of this post, the steps mentioned in this post can help create …

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Lamy Safari Vista fountain pen: Review

Lamy Safari Vista

This post is a brief review of one of my recent acquisitions, a Lamy Safari Vista fountain pen, after having used it for over a month now. If you are into fountain pens like me, please read on. I have been a fountain pen user all my life. Ever since I made the switch from …

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How do you develop self discipline

If you are looking to develop self discipline, this article can come in handy. For the past several years, I have been promising myself that I would shed a few kilos and get back in shape. And for the past several years, I have never been able to keep that promise. Though there were periods–a …

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Best Indian comic books for children?

shaniwar wada fort door elephants

Tiger Comics, a new comic books company, brings to life real & inspirational Indian stories through wonderful storytelling and colourful sketches. I grew up reading Indrajal comics, Anant Pai’s stories, Chacha Chaudhary, Akbar/Birbal tales, Shikari Shambu and Tenali Raman. It takes me back to my growing-up years. Could Tiger Comics soon evolve as one of …

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Must. Break. Free

“Time to wake up!”, she says. I half open my eyes, struggling to shake off sleep that had engulfed me with great difficulty in the wee hours of the morning. Through the blur of my eyelids, I see her staring at me—lying in the same position that I’d last seen her before I fell asleep. She …

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Notes from office

How much Covid19 has changed our world! I never imagined that I will ever see a time when we must wear masks before stepping out of our homes—this is indeed surreal. I hope we can get out of this dreaded situation soon, and as the cliched saying goes, let us hope that this too shall …

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One Good Step with Amitha

Amitha Pai is an ex-Infoscion who now runs a not-for-profit organization called ‘One Good Step’ (OGS). OGS connects the most credible and genuine causes in Bangalore to those who want to make a difference. This Yourstory article about her——is a wonderful read and acts as a lead-in to this conversation with her. <– Begin interview …

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My friend Shankar: Techie turned farmer

I was meeting Shankar (Shankar Kotian M) after a long gap of 16 years. Shankar is no longer a techie; He had ended his decade-and-a-half-year-old tech career in 2012 to become a full-time farmer. Time had taken away a lot of his hair, but nothing else about him had changed. This is his story, distilled …

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10 Commandments for Entrepreneurs

Yesterday, I came across this beautiful blog called sketchplanations – run by Jono Hey where he has used simple sketches to explain concepts. I hadn’t done sketches for a long time (except for the doodles during team meetings), and this blog made me want to sketch again. This post is a result of my sketch-craving …

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Can’t innovate anymore, my ass!

Apple Cartoon

Apple’s WWDC has is an event that the world enjoys watching. It is a legendary platform where new products are announced, stats are thrown up, and apps are showcased. These very well orchestrated events must require a lot of prep work. Well, I was imagining how they do it, and this cartoon depicts my imagination. …

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