Best side hustle ideas for Indians to earn money online 2024

How to make money from home online

While you may not make quick money, the internet can be a great wealth-building tool in the long run. I have listed twenty-five of the best side hustle ideas for Indians to make money online in 2024 in this post. I have categorized online money-making ideas by passion (or skill) so that you can jump …

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18 Side hustle ideas for students in India (Updated for 2024)

Side hustles india

In this post, I will cover some of the most exciting side hustle ideas for students in India, many of which are gaining popularity in 2023. Side hustles, or side gigs, have become very popular in India. I covered some of the most popular side hustles for Indians (organized by passion/interest) in one of my …

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Of investing and financial planning

Ok, so this is not another ‘how to do financial planning’ blog post. This is just a page from my life, and I am jotting it down here hoping it would help youngsters in some way. So here goes: I turned forty seven this year. And I admit it – in my forty seven years …

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What is the Fire movement (Financial Independence Retire Early)?

FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early), for the uninitiated, is a financial movement that revolves around extreme savings and worthwhile investments with an intent to retire early and live off small withdrawals from accumulated funds. Once you achieve your FIRE target, the amount will be good enough to provide you with an inflation-adjusted income for your …

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