My new Nikon 35 mm lens

“Ding-dong! ding-dong!”

Our loud door bell startled me out of my lazy semi-reading-semi-watching-TV-semi-dozing Saturday afternoon.
“Must be the maid”, I thought to myself as I rose up rather reluctantly from my comfortable couch, strewing items I had stacked up around me on to the floor.

I hate getting up once I am well settled in the couch on Saturday afternoons, and so I make sure I load up the couch with everything I would need for the next few hours of blissful inactivity. This particular afternoon, I had remote controls (we have 3 of them just to operate the TV – one for the TV itself, one for the cable set-top box, and one for…coming to think of it…I don’t know what for, but I just get all of ’em just in case), a new novel I was reading (which, by the way, could put one off to sleep faster than any sleeping pill in the market, I found out), a pack of Marie biscuits (with 10 essential vitamins. Healthy. Unlike those fatty butter cookies which are yummm…err…I mean, unhealthy) and all 16 pages of that day’s newspaper.

I walked to the door leaving a trail of biscuit crumbs, newspaper pages and remote control batteries, all the while thinking who it could be at the door.

It could be our maid – she has this annoying habit of showing up in the afternoons (annoying for me. Wifey loves it whenever she shows up, whatever time it may be) when I am most comfortably settled and making me shift positions frequently (literally chasing me from room to room) as she cleaned our home. But her doorbell ring goes more like “diiiiiiing-dug” – a result of keeping the bell switch pressed for longer than required and releasing it abruptly. It couldn’t be the newspaper boy coming around to collect his money either, for he does a 1-2 combo of “ding-dong” and a knock. I went thru all the familiar door bell profiles in my head, but couldn’t find a match.

Wondering and muttering to myself, I opened the door and surprise, surprise – it was the Flipkart delivery boy bringing my box of recently ordered 35 mm lens! Flipkart had informed me that this would be delivered only by Monday, but here it was: my lens, delivered 2 days ahead of schedule! As an ex-Infoscion, I totally get the ‘under-promise, over-deliver for better customer experience’ philosophy, but I got a firsthand feel for it here. I would’ve clanked his bell like a mad man if the delivery boy had come with a ‘satisfied-with-the-service?-ring-the-bell’ … bell.  Thank you, Flipkart!

Later that evening, I took my new Nikon lens out for a test ride, and got some great flowery images. Here they are!





I researched a bit on the 35 mm lens before buying it, and saw mostly favorable reviews. Have you used one? How has it worked out for you?

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