I am sharing below some of the things I have loved experiencing, or some of my creations I would love you to check out. Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links; I may earn a commission if you choose to buy these items. They are all items I use and love. Thank you for supporting this blog.

Money Matters

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I use Zerodha (and Smallcase) to grow a portion of my investments, and absolutely love them for simplicity, ease of use, user experience and speed. If you have not yet tried out Zerodha, please use my Zerodha referral link to sign up.

Video and Photography

GoPro Hero 8

Some of the best books I have read

Below is a collection of some of the best books I’ve come across. I will keep adding to this list. These are affiliate links to Amazon store. 

Order prints of photos I have clicked:

If you would like framed prints of some of the best photographs I have clicked over the years, please click the image below, or visit

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My stock images on Shutterstock

You could check out a few of the photos I have listed on Shutterstock by clicking the image below. These are available for download and use.