Hong Kong and Macau in 6 days.


This is a Hong Kong and Macau travel tale In the mid-90s, I got my first glimpses of Hong Kong – thru the Van Damme movies that were shot there. Till last week, my opinions and perceptions about this place were totally based on these movies. The vivid images of Hong Kong that I had …

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Great Destinations: Mangalore, India.

Mangalore – a sleepy, coastal town in Karnataka, India is a must-see destination if you are into any or all of these: Beaches Seafood Trekking Temples, and Ice creams! Beaches: Clean and offers variety. Some are rocky n wild. Others are calm and shallow. Someshwar, Thannerbhavi and Panambur are beaches one could visit. Seafood: It’s …

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Innovative Film City: Been there, Done that.

A brief account of my trip to Innovative Film City. Dec 31, 2010: Innovative Film City , Bangalore. I spent the day with the uglies, weirdos and the scary ones (no, not my family and friends, wise guy. I meant the exhibits). If you haven’t been to this place, go now. It’s a toned-down version …

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