Great Destinations: Mangalore, India.

Great Destinations: Mangalore, India.

Mangalore – a sleepy, coastal town in Karnataka, India is a must-see destination if you are into any or all of these:

  • Beaches
  • Sea food
  • Trekking
  • Temples, and
  • Ice creams!

Beaches: Clean, and offers variety. There are some that are rocky n wild. There are others that are calm and shallow. Someshwar, Thannerbhavi and Panambur are beaches one could visit.
Sea food: It’s a coastal town. They have fish. Lots of fish. May be a bit spicy for some of you.
Trekking: There are lots of places around Mangalore (within an hour or couple of hours’ drive) where you could do some great trekking and camping.
Temples: People come from far and wide to visit the temples in Mangalore.
Ice creams: Very cheap, and large!

It rains hard from June to August. That’s another experience you may love. Go on, Get out there. Mangalore beckons! Here are some of my snaps from Mangalore.

Victory! (From the annual buffalo race.)

Go, go, go, go, go! (From the annual buffalo race.)

Splash! (From the annual buffalo race.)

Photo finish! (From the annual buffalo race.)

Power Shower! (From the annual buffalo race.)

Red bulls – 6 pack. (From the annual buffalo race.)

150 BHP raw power! (From the annual buffalo race.)

They’re not going anywhere. (From the annual buffalo race.)

Kaup Lighthouse

Fishing boats lined up for action.

Getting a boat into water ain’t so easy.

A sunset by the beach.

Yakshagana. He’s a she!

Sringeri temple. 3 hours from Mangalore

Elephant at Sringeri temple

The famous Udupi temple

Shop in front of Udupi temple

A trekking spot near Mangalore

Ride on a camel at the beach.


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