Chikmagalur nature resorts

Honeyvale Homestay Chikmagalur
Honeyvale Homestay Chikmagalur

Walking in the rain through a lot of greenery, with slow-moving mist for company – a heavenly experience indeed! This is what Chikmagalur nature resorts offer you.

When you are tired, sit under any of the many waterfalls along the way to refresh yourself instantly.

Chikmagalur, a hill station located in Karnataka, is heavenly during rains.

A bunch of friends and I have made it an annual affair to visit Chikmagalur during rains. We stop our vehicle en route, near the Charmadi ghat section, and walk up for an hour or two in the rain.

We then get to one of the many Chikmagalur nature resorts and spend the night there (there are many British style bungalows amidst coffee estates that are now converted into home-stays. They welcome you with hot, spicy food too. Perfect for the rains).

This time we halted at Honeyvale homestay, a huge bungalow that has a treehouse to boot. If you want to get away from the maddening crowd and enjoy the full beauty of the monsoon, Chikmagalur is the place to go.

Chikmagalur photos
Wet, Wet, Wet!
Chikmagalur photos
Orange trees in the estate
Chikmagalur photos
More wet trees from Honeyvale estate
Chikmagalur treehouse
The treehouse in Honeyvale estate

Chikmagalur photos
Watching rains from the treehouse
Chikmagalur photos
View of the Honeyvale home-stay from the treehouse
Chikmagalur photos
The dog at the estate – Venki. He’s one lazy ass dog.

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8 thoughts on “Chikmagalur nature resorts”

  1. so green and so wet.the fact is lot much changed in these years. previously we were having continuous rain for 45 days. Now its been lessened still chikmagalur has green.

    Homestay looks great. Time to add this homestay to our website.

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