Innovative Film City: Been there, Done that.

A brief account of my trip to Innovative Film City.

Dec 31, 2010: Innovative Film City , Bangalore. I spent the day with the uglies, weirdos and the scary ones (no, not my family and friends, wise guy. I meant the exhibits). If you haven’t been to this place, go now. It’s a toned-down version of the parks you would see in the ‘beautiful’ lands outside of our subcontinent. The Ripley’s museum never ceases to amaze me – especially the one-way mirror. I could spend hours behind that mirror watching people making all sorts of faces (yeah, that species is still not extinct). The horror house was amusing. First of all, people pay to get ‘horrified’. Then, once they are inside the dark, musty house, they want to rush out! Not looking left or right – they scramble to the exit, some dropping their belongings (Not the kind they secrete. I saw some slippers and jackets strewn around) on the way. What’s the point, right? Next time, I plan to hide inside and jump out at a group with a blood-curdling shriek. If that’s well-received, maybe I will switch careers.
Innovative Film City, Bangalore: Fantastic! Here are some snaps I took. Nice, no?

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