The Musafir Stories: Old Delhi with Vishnu Menon

If you follow travel bloggers and podcasters, you would be familiar with ‘The Musafir Stories’ podcast hosted and run passionately by the very likeable couple Saif Omar and Faiza Khan.

Saif graciously invited my son Vishnu, a student at Ashoka University, to do a show about Old Delhi. Their conversation is now available on The Musafir Stories podcast, available on all popular podcast platforms. You can search for The Musafir Stories to get to the episode.

I am also dropping a link to the episode uploaded on YouTube here:

This episode is dripping in the history of Old Delhi, aka Shahjahanabad! They start the conversation with the history and background of the 7 cities of Delhi and then focus on Shahjanabad or current-day Old Delhi, Delhi 6.

Please tune in to the episode and share it with your friends interested in such things. I’d love it if you drop a note with your comments about the conversation.

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