Kemmannu Hanging Bridge

This is a short video blog of my recent trip to some of the hidden gems in Coastal Karnataka – Kemmannu hanging bridge, Delta beach and Udupi.

I have been thinking of creating a series of short videos on Mangalore and surrounding areas – covering its beauty, culture and food. I haven’t had a chance to sit and plan out the series, but have been accumulating footage whenever possible.

Kemmannu Hanging Bridge

Last week, I had a chance to visit the beautiful Kemmannu village in Udupi. (This is a hanging bridge near Manipal – so if you are ever in Udupi or Manipal you should check it out).

Kemmannu hanging bridge is located in Thonse (Tonse), around 8 km from Udupi’s Delta beach. The stretch of road from Delta beach to this bridge is refreshing and scenic – the pristine beauty is mesmerizing.

You can take a bus from Udupi to Kemmannu and then get to the bridge. The best time to visit the place would be after the monsoon season (July to December), and you will find lush greenery all around.

are a few good seafood eateries along the way that you could check out as well. Kemmannu hanging bridge connects the mainland to another island called Thimman Kudru (and hence the bridge is also known as Thimmana Kuduru bridge). It is about 280ft long and was built originally by cadets in the 90’s and later strengthened. Before the bridge came into being, the island was accessible only by boats.¬†

We did a bit of kayaking on the river Swarna. Kayaking was Rs 50 for an hour.

and composed a short video on this trip. Please check it out here. If you like the video, please do share it with friends. Please also comment on places you would like to see.

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