Kayaking in Mangalore

It has been a few months since my Musafir stories interview podcast came out, and I must say, I am surprised at the high number of inquiries I keep getting from people about Mangalore.

A surprising fact is that despite the pandemic, all the beach-houses and vacation homes here have been booked out – mainly by domestic tourists who drive down from neighboring cities looking for a change in scenery, and a place to work and relax.

Water sports and water related activities on offer have also increased – with surfing and kayaking becoming popular. One lovely place I visited recently to do kayaking was in Mulki, which is about 25kms from the heart of Mangalore. The place is run by ‘KayakBoy’ and you can check them out here: https://kayakboy.in/trips/trips.html

I opted for the 3-hour afternoon session, and it was indeed enjoyable. Here’s a short video I created from that trip:


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