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    really inspiring and your friend is leading a healthiest and happiest life on this earth. I wish him all the happiness and energy to be more successful in his path. Thanks to you too for introducing us such a great human being.

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    Thank you for sharing. Just seeing the pictures is soothing to my eyes.
    Signing off by by staring at lcd screens for 12 hours a day 🙁

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    Harsha pinto

    It’s an amazing story. Really inspiring. Makes anyone who reads it feel good and helps u evaluate your priorities in life and what u want to do with it …. Cheers !!!

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    Indraniel Gupta

    Many people aspire to get back to do root work stuff like farming and help build their community but a very few like Shankar Sir would beat the odds and actually do it. Good article covering a great man. Hope many more inspire knowing this.

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    Dibyendu Sharma

    Really appreciate you sharing this. First of all congratulations to Mr.Shankar for the excellent journey and taking this to a different level. It need immense determination and passion to do something like this. All the very best to such passionate people.

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    Its a great story.. I wish I could do the same one day.. It really saddens me when we hear about farmers suicide. India is still an agrarian country our GDP is till measure on rainfall,drought rabi and kharif crops but still after independence no political party or leaders have honestly come forward to help them.

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    You have captured the essence of the man and his mission beautifully, Sampath. Nice to know what’s happening with my old Module Leader. And nice to be reminded of BKB2DB2. :).

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    Very well written.. And nice to see Shankar after such a long time. Honestly i had my doubts he said he was quitting infy to do farming. Truly inspiring!

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    Nicely captured, Sampath! Thanks for sharing it! I have been associated with Shankar since our PUC days, then at NITK and Infosys. No surprise, it kind of epitomizes what he is all about! Intelligent, knowledgeable, hardworking and determined, yet very simple, caring and always smiling! I never seen him being angry or upset. He is one of those who practices ‘simple living, high thinking’! I am very proud of him and wish him all the best!!

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    I am fortunate to meet and work with Shankar Sir for a brief period during his old IT life. From the day one i noticed that he is so humble ,calm and grounded. I remember how he drove few of us in his own car to the hotel during project party. His story is so inspiring that it compels us to rethink what we expects from life and how happiness can be looked within & be shared with others.

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    Sampath Menon

    Hey Eshwar, Nice to hear from you and thanks for the kind words. It’s fun thinking back about BkB, but that was one monster of a project, wasn’t it? 🙂 Eagerly awaiting your next book by the way.

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    Sampath Menon

    Hi Vijetha, It was great seeing him after such a long time. So you’d spoken to him on this before he moved out?

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    Sampath Menon

    Mahesh, Long time man. Good to know you are alive, hale and hearty :). Yep, he hasn’t changed a bit. We have wonderful friends, don’t we?

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    Well HR for infy I had taken his exit interview. At that time people quitting IT jobs to take up farming was unheard good to see him doing well. It takes courage to move out of comfort zone and follow your dreams..

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    Suchitra Sukumaran

    Really dream living by Shankar…its an unrealised dream of mine to have a small farm just for family consumption. Very interesting to read about natural farming and lung spaces…explains the abundances of such spaces called “kaavu” in kerala..some of which are even now available..these were customised for serpant worship andcalled “sarpakaavu”. Two purpose may be…to leave the space undisturbed and to restrict serpants to that vicinity…
    Thanks for saring…would love to visit once his tree houses are ready…

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    Hi Sampath – Shankar was my manager in the US for a project in California way back in 2001. I really salute this man. Please pass on my best wishes to him.

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    Rohit Sethi

    Thanks Mr. Sampath for this inspiring story of your friend Mr. Shankar Kotian. I myself off late have been thinking of opening a diary farm and organic farming. Currently Iam working with Reliance Industries from last 12 years. This story has given me strength to carry forward my passion that is to be with cows and buffaloes.
    I would be greatly gratified if you can share Mr. Shankars cotanct details with me. I have a few quires and many questions regarding this thought.
    Rohit Sethi

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