How do you get a six pack

How do you get a six pack – the million dollar question that I have been trying to find a solution for. Over the years, I have tried many ways to get toned, but nothing has worked (thanks to my indiscipline and aversion to exercise). This is a brief account of what usually happens with me.

Saturday 5.40 AM…. rrrrrriiiiinnnnnggg, rap music blares…

A: “Hey, Wakey … rise and shine..”

D: [To A]: “Damn fool! Shut up. Can’t you see it’s dark outside?” [To me]: “It is so cosy here. Don’t you dare move a muscle.. sleep tight.”

A: “Don’t listen to him. You have a goal.. Look at your pear-shaped body… Get you’re a** off the bed and go to the gym.”

D: “Nothing’s gonna happen if you skip jogging for a day.”

Thanks, D. I’ll go with you. Heavy hand taps button that shuts up the nagging noisy device. Bliss for another 5 minutes.

5.45 AM – rrrriiiiinnnnggg.. again. Heavy hand shuts up the device forever. No exercise today. Postponed by a day. Sleep wins.

Sunday 5.40 AM. <The same scene, same conversation, same outcome>

Sounds familiar? Welcome to the club, my friend. This has been the story of my life.

Starts with the birth of a new year. The cycle goes as follows:

  • Resolution to get my 1-full-rounded-pack down to 6 smaller well-chiselled packs
  • Day 0, evening: Joins the most prestigious, expensive gym in town. Buys exercise kit to last the year. Sets alarm to get up in the morning.
  • Day 1 morning: Scene described above. Let me not repeat. (For the not-so-nimble-minded, I guess a clarification on the characters mentioned is in order. So: A – Angel, D – Devil, Nagging device – the alarm clock, with rap music)
  • Day 1 rest of the day: Guilt bears me down. A mirror does its bit on my confidence. Sighs… Inspects the rounded middle. Takes a deep breath, tucks stomach in. Gets a fair idea of how it would look if the bloody fat deposits were evacuated. Consoles myself. Peps up confidence. Promises to start tomorrow. Gobbles up whatever is presented in front of me. Or not. Every ½ hour.
  • Day 2: No suspense here. Same old, same old.
  • End of year: Gets rid of the old exercise gear. Promises to start afresh in the coming year.

But I haven’t lost hope. Someday, I will get my abs in order.

If you want to read about some more of my exploits in the gym, please check out this post:

8 thoughts on “How do you get a six pack”

  1. sounds very familiar. but things can change if you take the first step. atleast me a bit disciplined now.. not sure how long this will continue.

  2. 🙂 Have you tried getting a weighing scale?
    For better results, I recommend to keep it in an area near the Dining Table..:)

    Have you tried to ask your Wife to play the “A”..:)

  3. angine parayalle !!agreed i am not a good cook as his amma but i try to give him a mixed,balanced diet with lots of fruits, veggies and little oil…so u want to make gymming a habit ? u rn’t fat either !!

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