Amazing Bekal

It was a movie called Bombay (IMDb link) that popularized Bekal fort as a tourist destination (among Indians) back in the ’90s. The movie presented vivid images of a rain-drenched, mossy fort being constantly hit upon by waves.  The movie was a hit, and so was Bakel fort. People from far and wide flocked to …

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Unique resorts in Kerala: Oyster Opera resort

Oyster Opera resort is one of the unique resorts in Kerala. Located 100 kilometres south of Mangalore, in a place called Padanna in Kerala, is this beautiful little nature-themed resort called Oyster Opera. Visit this theme village bathed in natural beauty to get a spectacular view of palm-fringed islands and coastal stretches surrounded by backwaters. …

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Chikmagalur nature resorts

Walking in the rain through a lot of greenery, with slow-moving mist for company – a heavenly experience indeed! This is what Chikmagalur nature resorts offer you. When you are tired, sit under any of the many waterfalls along the way to refresh yourself instantly. Chikmagalur, a hill station located in Karnataka, is heavenly during …

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Ananthapura Lake Temple and the vegetarian crocodile

Ananthapura lake temple and the vegetarian crocodile: Yes, you read it right – a vegetarian croc. If that’s not strange, what is? Well, it’s true. There exists such a creature, and that too, in my own backyard. Well, not in my ‘backyard’ backyard, but some kilometres away from where I live. Vegetarian crocodile? It was …

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Buy lungi online.

Buy lungi online

“I am going to sell lungis online”, I said to my wife the other day. “What?! Are you out of your mind?” she shrieked, probably shuddering at the thought of how my in-laws would take it considering they’d married her to an IT guy (which ranks higher in social standings scale than a lungi seller …

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Hong Kong and Macau in 6 days.


This is a Hong Kong and Macau travel tale In the mid-90s, I got my first glimpses of Hong Kong – thru the Van Damme movies that were shot there. Till last week, my opinions and perceptions about this place were totally based on these movies. The vivid images of Hong Kong that I had …

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Mission employment: Resume samples

Resume samples

Some time back, we were looking far and wide for a good, experienced hand who could take some load off our backs. We were happy when we got tons of resumes from various sources. But seeping thru those resumes to shortlist candidates for interviews turned out to be a humbling (and harrowing) experience for many …

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Great Destinations: Mangalore, India.

Mangalore – a sleepy, coastal town in Karnataka, India is a must-see destination if you are into any or all of these: Beaches Seafood Trekking Temples, and Ice creams! Beaches: Clean and offers variety. Some are rocky n wild. Others are calm and shallow. Someshwar, Thannerbhavi and Panambur are beaches one could visit. Seafood: It’s …

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Innovative Film City: Been there, Done that.

A brief account of my trip to Innovative Film City. Dec 31, 2010: Innovative Film City , Bangalore. I spent the day with the uglies, weirdos and the scary ones (no, not my family and friends, wise guy. I meant the exhibits). If you haven’t been to this place, go now. It’s a toned-down version …

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas tree

Merry Christmas! As we spent a very quiet Christmas eve yesterday, my mind flew back in time to the days when we were kids. ‘Today is Christmas eve’ – my grandfather’s words still ring in my ears. The 10 days when schools were closed, and all we did as kids from daybreak to night was …

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