Odhens hotel Kannur

This blog post covers Odhens hotel Kannur, K9 dog cafe Mangalore and House of Dosas Hyderabad.

So life has been moving along, rather like a passenger train over the past few months with a fair share of fun, travel, work and of course, what has become a constant companion for me of late – unwanted, unproductive thought loops (more on that later).

This post is more of a page from my personal journal than a post on anything specific; just a random collection of images and thoughts from some of my recent experiences.

Talking about trains, we did a fun train ride to Kannur on one rainy weekend. Let’s start with that:

#1: A train trip on a rainy day

To take a break from the monotony of our daily grind, we decided to do a one-day trip to somewhere close by.

While choosing the destination to travel to, it was my stomach that made the decision for us. I had been watching a lot of food videos on Instagram, and the food warriors there convinced me that my life was a waste if I hadn’t experienced the wonderful seafood dished out by Odhens hotel Kannur (also called ‘Ondens’). Since the monsoons had kicked in and the roads had become ponds, I did not want to drive.

We decided to take a morning train to Kannur so that we could reach in time for lunch. We packed a few books, some food and got on-board the morning train to Kannur. The journey was exhilarating – with greenery all along, rivers and bridges coming up once a while. We spent our time in the train observing people, chit-chatting with co-passengers, reading books and nibbling on some snacks.

Here are some snaps from the trip:

rainy kerala
Good to be inside
Hot coffee, a good book, rains and a rocking train ride: Small joys of life
streets if kannur
Walking through the streets of Kannur
Payyambalam beach
Payyambalam beach
Odhens hotel kannur
Lunch at Odhens hotel Kannur – a restaurant specializing in seafood

#2 – A dog cafe in Mangalore!

I used to be a cat person, but my marriage changed that and converted me to a dog person. Now before you begin connecting the dots, let me clarify what I meant. I started liking dogs because we had a dog at my wife’s place – these creatures are just amazing! Over the years, we have had a few dogs (it is really sad that they have such short lifespan!) and I learned to identify the different breeds too. I have been wanting to get a dog in our apartment, but alas, our apartment rules don’t allow us to get one.

And then one fine day, we stumbled on the news that a dog cafe had opened in Mangalore! This is a concept that I’d seen in Singapore, and was wondering when (and if) such a thing would open in India. I had to see this!

So off we went, to experience the place.

k9 dog cafe mangalore
K9 Restro is beautifully done, with the lower floor exclusively for dog lovers and the upper floor where pets are not allowed
k9 dog cafe mangalore
Thor, the Golden retriever, with his doll
k9 dog cafe mangalore
All this one wants is a lap to sleep on
k9 dog cafe mangalore
Thor, the star

#3: Hyderabad

I had to do a short trip to Hyderabad last week for official needs. Though I couldn’t take out much time to explore the city, I did squeeze out time (en route to office and back) to catch some lovely food. My local taxi driver, Sami, took me to a few great food joints (Paradise Biriyani included), but the two that stood out for me are pictured below.

Sami had moved to Hyderabad from Mumbai three decades ago, and told me stories about how his uncle was connected to the underworld there, and was murdered in one ofthe gang fights. Fearing their life, Sami and his family had moved to Hyderabad to restart their lives there. He and I shared all the meals from the restaurants that he took me to – it was fun indeed.

house of dosas hyderabad
My local taxi driver took me to this little gem of a place in Hyderabad (House of Dosas) when I told him that I wanted some dosas for breakfast. Once inside, he and I got down to some serious eating.
house of dosas hyderabad
An Erra Karam masala dosa and a Podi dosa made their way into the black hole of a stomach that I have, and temporarily satiated my dosa craving
chicken kebab from Zaiqa-e-Hyderabad.
Melt-in-the-mouth chicken kebab from Zaiqa-e-Hyderabad…mmm

So, what’s happening in your life?

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