Buy lungi online.

“I am going to sell lungis online”, I said to my wife the other day.
“What?! Are you out of your mind?” she shrieked, probably shuddering at the thought of how my in-laws would take it considering they’d married her to an IT guy (which ranks higher in social standings scale than a lungi seller here in S. India. pfffft.). Before she could get the rolling pin out to whack me on my head (which, by the way, she does NOT do…at least, not often), I clarified: “No,, no, no. not full time. Just for kicks. Let’s see how many people will buy a lungi thru the web”.

That, I said because I couldn’t muster the courage to reveal to her that my real intention was to make lungi a universal dress – something I think is entirely possible. It’s just a matter of time. I’m sure the western world would appreciate the usefulness of a lungi – Imagine how comfortable a lungi would be for a day at the beach, or an evening stroll, or for a fishing trip, or for just plain relaxing at home watching Steve Job’s keynotes (the addresses. no other connotations) – the possibilities are just endless. Anyways, I did not tell her all this. She dismissed my idea as worthless. So did all my friends with who I’d discussed this.

But then, yesterday. Yesterday, I stumbled on this site – – a U.K based site that was selling lungis!  I was overjoyed. I was overjoyed because I found someone who shared my vision, someone who is actually branding lungis the way they should be and selling them online to the world! I would love to see this venture succeed. And I offer my full support (mostly moral).  Way to go, fellow lungi guy!

PS: I have decided not to pursue my dream of selling lungis online, the reasons being many. Getting whacked with a rolling pin is not something I enjoy much.

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  1. i like lungi coz quick same with my traditional cloth which is kain pelikat @ sarong can u post your lungi..are you sell new one @ already used coz i love boths =)

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