Best courses for earning money online

Best online courses for earning money deals with a curated list of courses that can help you pick up or fine-tune a skill in demand for making money online.

I know what you are thinking: can you make money with online courses? Udemy’ earn money online’ courses are some of the most popular ones digital creators take. You can make money online if you can pick up a valuable skill after going through one of these courses.

In my earlier posts on side hustles ( and, I wrote about various ideas you could pursue to make money online.

The courses I highlight will help equip you with the skills to follow some of those ideas. These are some of the best online courses to earn money from home.

This is not a complete list, but it addresses some of the most profitable skills to learn in 2023. These are also courses to earn money from home. The list includes some of the best free courses on LinkedIn Learning, Udacity, Alison and Coursera.

If you have been thinking about what to learn online to make money, this post can be of help. I will add more posts around more skills in future.


Writing is a skill that is highly valued in today’s times. With the proliferation of social platforms where, writing has become one of the most basic, must-have skills you need to succeed. Writing skills can come in handy to create passive income streams.

There are various forms of writing, but they all relate to the essential elements of storytelling and compelling articulation.

Here are two comprehensive online writing courses you could explore to learn writing in a structured manner:

These are two top courses that can help you earn money from home.


Photography is another skill that has come into focus in the last decade. The omnipresence of mobile phones has put a camera into the hands of everyone. Now anyone can take a photo anywhere.

But for your photo to stand out, you must know the various aspects of photography.

Check out one of these best online photography courses if you would like to grow the photographer in you

Videography & Cinematography

Digital screens are everywhere nowadays – in your hands, the vehicles you travel in, shops, offices, airports, and just about everywhere we turn our heads. Videos and movies have become critical means to communicate ideas. Learn the essentials by going through these best online videography and Cinematography courses:

Video Editing is a valuable skill you can use immediately to make money online. Check out these top-rated online video editing courses:

Graphic Design

Graphic design deals with creating images and artefacts that can be used for various digital needs. Graphic elements are used for basic needs like Social media thumbnails, posters, and email templates and complex needs like game development. The best courses for earning money online below can provide you with a great start in the world of graphic design:

UI/UX Designer

Ui/UX design involves creating joyful interfaces that are intuitive and visually beautiful. UI/UX designers are hot property in today’s times and are some of the top earners in our society. Here are some of the best UI/UX Design online courses you should explore if you intend to pursue a career in this field:

Multimedia Specialist

This is essentially a mix of all the skills we spoke about in previous paragraphs. If you want to develop yourself as a multimedia specialist, do check out the multimedia courses below:

Data Science

Data science helps tremendously in the growth of a business and hence is a highly sought-after skill. Data science essentially involves the analysis of data to extract meaningful insights for business. It combines various aspects of Maths, Statistics and Computer engineering to analyze vast amounts of data. Check out some of the best online Data Science courses to enter this exciting area:

Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

Digital Marketing is the online equivalent of Marketing and Advertising – it means getting the word out about your business and bringing in paying customers. Affiliate marketing is an advertising model where an organization pays a small fee to publishers for generating leads to the company’s products or services.

Check out some of these best Digital Marketing courses:

Here are some of the best Affiliate Marketing courses:

Presentation Skills

This is an evergreen skill that is more important than ever now. Hone your presentation skills by taking one of these best online presentation skills courses:

Fitness Training and Nutrition coach

During the pandemic, the online fitness and nutrition coaching industry flourished. Most of the coaches were selling courses online and reaping the rewards. Online fitness coaching provides a win-win situation for all – people can take classes at their convenience from the comfort of their homes, and instructors can reach out to many more customers. Here are a few of the best online fitness training courses you could explore:

Nutrition courses:

No Code Development

No code development enables people to create software through drag-and-drop user interfaces and configuration. Unlike earlier, people now don’t need to learn programming to create complex applications. No Code development has reduced the time taken to develop and deploy applications. No Code options are available across a broad spectrum of functions, which is a valuable skill to pick up. Check out one of these best courses for No Code Development:

Digital Freelancer

Many of us dream of becoming freelancers hoping to become our bosses. Many of the skills mentioned above will help you become a freelancer, but it is good to understand how to go about it. Check out this Udacity Digital Freelancer course before you begin your freelancer career (this is a paid Digital Nanodegree course)

I hope this curated list of the best online courses for earning money will help you get started on levelling up your skills for creating additional income streams. I hope it also answers your question ‘What can I study to make money from home?’. These are some of the best courses to earn money online in India and some of the most profitable skills to learn in 2023.

Have you taken any of these money-making courses? What has been your experience? Drop a comment below. I will be back with more soon.

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