A podcast about Mangalore on ‘The Musafir Stories’

A podcast about Mangalore on ‘The Musafir Stories’

When Saif from ‘The Musafir Stories’ (India’s own travel podcast) reached out to me a few weeks ago to ask whether I’d be interested in coming on their show, I was hesitant at first. After all they were running a credible podcast where seasoned and established travellers were featured. Did a part-time traveller like me deserve a spot there, I wondered.

Additionally, though I have been fortunate enough to travel around a bit, I also wasn’t comfortable talking about places that I had been exposed to for only a few days or weeks. I could give my first impressions of a place based on my limited exposure but that may not paint the right picture.

However, after thinking over it for a bit, I responded positively to Saif. I decided that I would talk about Mangalore – a place that I knew very well, having spent most of my working life here.

On the day of the recording (it was around 7pm in the evening and pouring in Mangalore), Saif and Faiza did a very good job of putting me at ease and we had fun talking about the various aspects of this beautiful coastal city.

The podcast is now live on all popular platforms, and I would love it if you could hop over to their web page and give this podcast a listen.
Link to the podcast: https://themusafirstories.com/podcasts/mangaluru-with-sampath-mk/

The podcast is available on all popular platforms; you will find the relevant links at the bottom of the page that opens up when you click the above link.


So, go listen and tell us what you think.

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