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So I am back from Mexico city, but the hangover from the visit still persists (no. I am not talking about the Tequila). I think it is going to take me some time to get over it. In the meanwhile, I am mulling over creating a small picture book with photos and stories about some of the travels I did, purely as a creative experiment. If that materializes soon, you will be the first to know.

Apart from my return from Mexico, these other things happened:

  • Sonny boy scored decent marks in his 10th grade (91.4% to be exact). But he is annoyed that his parents and grand parents guessed his marks to be in the mid to lower eighties when he asked us before he announced them. Well, we can’t be blamed since we were witness to the way he was preparing for his exams – lying down and reading through text books (even Maths!).
  • I hit a century! 100 kgs: that’s the heaviest I have been since birth. So I must now start counting steps and eating right. I see these trackers on everyone’s wrists these days – do these things really help? To find out, I have ordered the most economical trackers available – the Mi Band 3. (Note: Clicking this will display the product details on Amazon using my affiliate link).
  • One other thing we have been thinking over is whether to get a dog. Discussions are still in progress, and we are currently debating as to who will handle the dirty side of things (the grooming aspects), who will do the walking-the-dog part and who will do the petting part. I have volunteered for the petting part, but I may get vetoed. Let’s see how this goes.
  • I did a whirlwind trip to Pune and Kochi. Visit to Pune Hinjawadi Phase 3 gave me shudders though – the place looked barren with tall, glass buildings all around, and the heat was unbearable. I wonder how long we will all be able to sustain with this kind of development. I had felt some sense of nostalgia the last time I visited Pune (since I had spent an year there earlier), but this time, I just wanted to get on the next flight and get away from there. And in Kochi, a summer drink named ‘Fuljar soda’ seems to be making waves. Watch this video to find out more (you will get an idea even if you don’t follow the language):

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