And now, the real app.

If you read my previous post on how I made millions from an iPhone app, you would be curious to know how I am coping. Well, I am doing OK – thank you. Especially since that story was totally made up. As some of you may know, our lead techie does not look a bit like the fat pig I drew up. Neither does he smoke (I think). He is a lean, mean coding machine packaged in a 6ft frame. And our graphics guys are amazing in real life. (The part that shows one of them commenting on our office decor is true though. And they ended up repainting our office all by themselves one night. Now we lead a colorful office life. Om! ). We do not have a sound lady. She may be noisy, but she doesn’t work on sound editing. Instead, she is one of our top animators. Coming back to the app, we did one decent app – an edu-gaming one, as a demo to one of our clients. Here are some screenshots. View it in app store: Let me know if you like it. And if you don’t, you can go ride on the back of an ass to hell, for all I care.

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