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Writing a few ‘bloglets’ this time instead of one single blog post. Suits my character too – Patience has never been my virtue.

——- Bloglet 1 ——

Me, being a PC, hasn’t had much to rejoice about lately. First, it was the series of ‘Get a Mac’ ads that gave me a permanent mental picture of myself as a bloated nerd. And the fact that most of my friends have switched to Mac hasn’t helped either. (Yep, even the fat one. The one who searched all the library catalogs for a certain Mac’book’). I feel lonely and left behind. I visit the doctor’s more often now. Maybe my revulsion towards apples has something to do with it. Microsoft’s ‘I’m a PC campaign’ has done little to uplift my tarnished image. I can’t take this any more. My fellow PCs, I say we unite and do something drastic. Like switching to Mac, maybe?

The ‘points to ponder’ below are dedicated to my miserable PC brothers.

1. Why do people consider [tag]Mac[/tag] superior when we all know that Windows is well hung?

2. Legend goes that [tag]Microsoft[/tag] copied stuff from [tag]Apple[/tag] long back. But how come no one talks much about Apple’s plagiarism? Check out their HQ address, and you will know what I mean. That is totally Microsoft property. (One infinite loop)

——- Bloglet 2 ——

Remember my ‘search for the elusive 6P‘ post sometime back? Well, here’s an update on that: I’ve taken up cycling as a last ditch effort to shape up. (PS: Read ‘I’ve taken up cycling’ as ‘I bought a cycle 2 weeks back. Now I need to take it out’.) It seems like life has come a full cycle…err…circle for me. I started out with a cycle, moved up to a bike, and then a small car, then a bigger one, and now back to cycle. Talk about impulsive shopping habits.

Hmmm, what reason should I give my wife for not taking the cycle out today…

——- Bloglet 3 ——

What’s up with the world these days? Recession, terrorism, communal riots, and now the leading investment banks going bankrupt. I’m really curious about what this would do to the marriage markets in India. Wonder how much the high flying MBAs are worth, especially those specialized in finance. Last I heard, they were on par with the pan-wallahs*. And they are getting picked up for peanuts by market savvy parents-in-law.

* As per research data (from totally unreliable sources) from a village in Andhra.

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